OTHER NAMES: tempranillo (Spain).

CasteThis variety, which is widespread throughout the peninsular, has a scant presence in the productive areas of Galicia. It is a highly complete and versatile variety although its scant production means that it is used as a compliment. It is a climbing variety, with medium to high productivity and short cycle, obtaining satisfactory, balanced ripeness in the areas in the province of Ourense. It sprouts early, making it sensitive to spring frost. It is sensitive to oidium, and moderately resistant to excoriosis. It does not tolerate wind well and is moderately resistant to drought.

UvaThe grape has thick, blueish-black coloured skin. It is cultivated at relatively high altitudes and is sensitive to drought, bad weather and high temperatures. The best wines are usually obtained from grapes cultivated in areas of plentiful sunshine and cold nocturnal temperatures.

ViñoThe wines it produces are mature and may reach high levels of alcohol, with a good aromatic expression, medium polyphenolic content and slightly light acidity. It can be blended with other native varieties with higher acid and polyphenolic content, depending on the type of wine to be developed, providing the whole with a good alcoholic potential, body and aromatic complexity.