History and building

Creation and mission

The building was refurbished by the Government of Galicia to transform it in the Galician Wine Museum. It was officially created in 2019, by means of a decree, with a view to recovering, documenting, preserving and disseminating Galicia's winegrowing heritage for the awareness, learning and enjoyment of the general public, and for the use and the consultation of researchers and experts and those of the wine-growing world, in particular. This is a regionally-owned museum, and the only one in Galicia devoted to the history of the creation of winegrowing landscapes from a historical and ethno-anthropological perspective, linked to the wine growers and producers of Galicia.

In short, its mission is to understand the historical process of the creation of winegrowing landscapes in Galicia through the cultural assets related with the Galician wine universe and its protagonists.

Historia e edificio


Plano do edificio