Dona Branca

OTHER NAMES: branca de Monterrei (Spain-Galicia), doña blanca (Spain), cigüente (Spain-Extremadura), moza fresca (Spain-Galicia), síria (Portugal).

CasteThis is the fourth most important white grape in the Monterrei area and it has as a minority presence in the Ribeira Sacra and Valdeorras areas. It is also known as moza fresca.

UvaThe clusters are medium to large, compact and with early ripening, with large oval grapes of a yellowy-green colour, and low resistance to diseases. Is resistant to spring frosts, owing to its late budburst, and is particularly sensitive to mites. It has good performance in terms of production quantity and for pressing. This means that the wines it produces will be neutral and prone to must oxidation.

ViñoIt acquires a large concentration of sugar and acidity, and produces fruity young wines with medium aromaticity and a lasting aftertaste. It can be used to make single-varietal wines or blended with other varieties. Its citric aromatic strength is enhanced with the cold maceration method.

Dona Branca

Dona branca