Branco Lexítimo

OTHER NAMES: blanca legítima (Spain), albarín branco / albarín blanco (Galicia - Spain), branco país / blanco país (Galicia - Spain), blanco verdín (Spain-Asturias), raposo (Spain-Asturias).

CasteBranca lexítima is a very old variety of Galician white grape. It is principally cultivated in the protected geographical designations of Betanzos, Ribeiras do Morrazo and Barbanza-Iria. It also goes by the names of raposo, blanco verdín and blanco país. Wine was produced in Galicia with blanco legítimo for centuries, until the virtual disappearance of the vines owing to the plagues at the end of the 19th century.

UvaThe clusters are small and of medium compactness. The grapes are oval in shape and yellowy-green in colour, with early ripening. This a highly aromatic grape but of medium to low production, resulting in its being replaced with other vines with greater production but requiring less climate adaptation. It is resistant to botrytis.

ViñoThe wines are of a high alcohol content, pale yellow in colour with an intense aromatic potential, moderately acid, with a sweet fruity taste and somewhat imbalanced as a single-varietal wine. It is ideal for blending with agudelo. The wines generally produced with this grape are young, although aged wines may also be produced.

Branco Lexítimo

Branco lexítimo